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About Us

Naturalness & efficiency drive the development of all our products.

All ingredients present in GAL products are structured comparably to their respective organic foods. We do not compromise on this, because we are convinced that the natural order of things is best. Therefore our selection methods and techniques with this in mind, are paramount relative to our production and processes.

Our strategy is to rely on the most recent, independent international research to set the bar, relative to our product line. Our goal is to offer the most effective products at a reasonable price, affording the best value for money to our consumers. Our focus is on offering the very highest end products to our customers. We strive to provide high potency in our dosages at an affordable price. We believe that this is a determining factor in our success. The selection of our basic ingredients is always preceded by a thorough examination of the international supply, relative to the ingredients locale, environment, harvesting technique, storage and transportation.

When searching for basic ingredients, we carefully review the entire range of international supplies

Our Brand Development
In the development phase we always explore and analyse clinical research behind each ingredient. In the process of selecting the best ingredients, we pay attention to results from both in-house and individual research. When feasible, we study all research papers dealing with interactions between different ingredients as well. Next we compare our results with the opinion of leading physicians and prestigious specialists. If possible, we also consider recipes included in traditional medical systems. This due diligence helps us find the prefect proportion for basic ingredients used in our products. 

We pay special attention to ensuring that our ingredients maintain their natural structure. It goes without saying that we do not even touch genetically modified materials.

Manufacture & Packaging
We manufacture our products in line with the strict EU regulations. All our basic ingredients are tested in European laboratories to ensure strict compliance.

The unique design of our packaging materials inform our Customers about the most important characteristics of our products. Besides offering the highest quality content, we took time to ensure that the appearance of our products is harmonic and easily understood, relative to its message and content.

Commitment to Quality
Our products are developed strictly in line with the latest scientific research. We do not compromise on our ingredients or enhanced production techniques. We carefully balance company financial interest, efficiency, product affordability and value for money. Our goal is to become the “Best of Breed” across the full spectrum of our product range in the high end market sphere, whilst always affording excellent value for money.

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