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We select all ingredients for the GAL product line following very thorough research and strict evaluation. We do not under any circumstances use materials of questionable origin or products accompanied by ambiguous documentation.

All of our food ingredients are GMO-free.  Our leading developer Bence Szabó Gál is known for his strict nutrition principles, and our products naturally meet all of these principles, as well.  We work with forms and proportions found in the nature. Outstanding physiological effects of our materials are proven by time and by the latest scientific research.

Where available, we support the general principle of uncompromising choice of materials with additional guarantees, so the operation of the plant producing the patented active ingredient for our Bio-Curcumin+ products is powered by solar energy, whereas the fish-oil ingredient of the GAL Omega-3 Eco is produced from wild small fish with zero ecological footprint, bearing in mind the preservation of biodiversity. As a result, this latter ingredient also earned the IFFO RS and Friends of the Sea certificates.

Palm oil used in several products as a carrier becomes environmentally friendly, if extracted from plants cultivated in conscious and sustainable manner in locations separated from the natural habitats of orangutans, applying technology that meets the strict RSPO requirements.  By using solely such ingredients - in addition to preserving the health of our Consumers - we encourage the production company to adopt this approach and technology in their operation. This way, we increase the demand for orangutan friendly ingredients, strengthening the business interest of the manufacturer(s) to fight off and eventually complete cessation of non-RSPO production.  This way, we do not just discourage palm oil production endangering orangutans and jungles, but do support its liquidation as soon as possible. 

Our packaging materials originate from carbon neutral printing, the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2017 certified manufacturer uses environmental-friendly, edible paint materials to print the FSC® (C031340) certified paper material.  When assembling a package of the ordered products, even the material we use to insulate the box - commonly known as the puffy - is edible, though its nutritional value is undoubtedly negligible.

We are people living on Earth, and we will never be able to regain the untouched natural state together. We think that our choice is whether we live and create in a manner responsible for the environment and bearing in mind the safety of all species on our planet, or pay less attention - even flout - to this value that determines our life and future.  We use our modest possibilities to ensure that we at GAL belong to the first group.