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GAL Omega-3 Eco

GAL Omega-3 Eco

Our product contains the natural variant of Golden Omega® fish oil concentrate.

GAL Omega-3 Eco

It is produced from small wild fish with zero ecological footprint, maintaining biodiversity is taken into consideration during fishing. The modern production technique results no unnecessary waste or pollution. IFFO RS and Friends of the Sea certification.

Fish are processed in situ after being caught, without being stored (TOTOX < 5).

The derived oil is molecularly purified by
a new, patented process that ensures 2-3-fold omega-3 content without contamination (IFOS 5 star certification).

Our product contains omega-3 fatty acids in their natural form, as highly distinct from commonly used, cheap ethyl ester production often not marked on the packaging. In order to keep its freshness (TOTOX) for a long time, we stabilize it with a mixture of antioxidants developed by us, comprising of natural vitamin E complex (with 8 types of tocopherols and tocotrienols), containing tocotrienols extracted from red palm fruit pulp from a sustainable farm with RSPO certification (“orangutan friendly”), and antioxidants extracted without using chemicals (the so-called supercritical extraction method) from Greek sage.

Recommended consumption is 1 capsule per day with meal.

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