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GAL Magnesium-bisglycinate

GAL Magnesium-bisglycinate

GAL Magnesium-bisglycinate

„Fully reacted”

Next generation magnesium  with the power of glycine.

There are many different forms of magnesium, and each of them is utilized to different extent. It is not sufficient to know the name of a well utilized form, as it does not reveal two relevant things: Does it cause loose stool? If it does, then it is already less utilized... The other thing,
if the form is “fully reacted”? If not, then a significant part of the magnesium is not in the form indicated at the ingredients, but remained in inorganic form.

In our product, magnesium is present only bound to glycine amino acid, so it is a “fully reacted” organic form. Our experience is that this form does not cause loose stool or other problems even for those with sensitive stomach.

Application: Daily 2 x 1 pcs. if we take one capsule in the evening after dinner or before going to bed, and the other after any meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption! The dietary supplement does not replace balanced, mixed diet and healthy way of life.


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