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GAL Turmeric-Complex

GAL Turmeric-Complex

GAL Turmeric-Complex, 60 capsules

Before we come to comparing the turmeric extract base materials/preparations used in various products available today so it becomes clear why we chose CurQfen as the foundation of our new product let’s take a brief look at the major differences between our earlier turmeric product, GAL BioCurcumin+ (Forte) and the new GAL CurQfen+Turmarin, pointing out which one is more suitable for whom.

You can read about GAL BioCurcumin+ (Forte) here: GAL Biocurcumin+ Forte

Both products are composed of 100% natural ingredients. There are numerous clinical trials behind the turmeric preparations CurQfen® and BCM-95® that serve as these products’ base which verify their wide-ranging effects (there are more studies behind BCM-95 because it’s been produced for longer). Both can nearly equally raise the free curcuminoid level in the blood which indicates the effect of turmeric products (CurQfen has more and better quality research in this aspect). Concerning this effect, they are both ahead of the competition by several orders of magnitude. In the case of CurQfen® direct tests prove that it gets to all the organs/cells with great efficiency, and there are indirect tests of BCM-95® as well.

Recommended consumption for adults: Take 1-3 capsules daily during meals.

If you have problems with pungent/hot foods or have gall problems, consult with your physician before use.

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