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GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex
GAL C-complex

GAL C-complex

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Food supplement capsules with vitamin C and plant extracts

GAL C-complex

This product contains vitamin C in it's original natural form in a matrix of plant extracts comprising of a patented black pepper extract (BioPerine®), citrus bioflavonoid complex and extracts of red grape skin and seed. These all contain natural active ingredients that are often present in foods rich in vitamin C.

2 x 1 capsules per day with meals. It is best to take them throughout the day, i.e. capsule per meal, alternatively, take the two capsules at the same time.

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Scientific background
Product Properties
Gyakori kérdések
Scientific background

There is no need to give a specific introduction of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), everyone knows its importance. It is hard to provide a sufficient intake with food these days. Its beneficial effects are detectable only when consuming over 500 mg daily, but this is difficult to achieve even by eating fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin C content. Although vitamin C used as dietary supplementation is absorbed similarly to the vitamin C that is consumed with food, though fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content contain a lot of other useful substances. These either have a synergy effect on vitamin C or prolongate its absorption, or they can even regenerate the vitamin C molecules already used in the body as antioxidants and thus we can reuse and reuse them, just as if we would have taken another and another dose of vitamin C. Such substances in food that promote the effect of vitamin C are bioflavonoids and anthocyanins.

With our vitamin C complex, our goal was to create a complex product with synergy effects on vitamin C similar to that of foodstuff, because there is a reason why vitamin C is usually found together with these substances in natural circumstances. In our product, we combined vitamin C with a large amount of citrus bioflavonoids and also with red grape skin and seed extracts. Both citrus bioflavonoids and red grape seed and skin extracts contain anthocyanins that have a synergy effect on vitamin C. Furthermore, these red grape extracts can even increase the level of vitamin C in tissues without the need to take vitamin C.

In addition, the product contains a patented black pepper extract, BioPerine®, which is proved to increase the absorption of vitamin C as well as of the other synergistic active ingredients included. This is also important because otherwise the absorption of vitamin C in a large (effective) dose remains insufficient. In order to achieve the optimal absorption, you should take vitamin C divided in small doses evenly throughout the day, which would be rather inconvenient. At the same time, products with sustained release and absorption contain lots of artificial substances

Vitamin C
• Reduces the length of cold symptoms  and the occurrence of cold in athletes.
• Increases blood circulation and the levels  of nitrogen oxide.
• Has anti-inflammatory effects.
• Improves bone density  and collagen production, skin firmness.
• Has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
• Reduces fatigue. Citrus bioflavonoids (hesperidin)
• Effectively increases blood circulation and the levels  of nitrogen oxide, thus it is beneficial for blood vessels.
• Combined with diosmin it has a positive effect in  chronic venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids; it is  used in their treatment with success.

Red grape seed and skin extracts:
• Increases blood circulation and the levels of nitrogen  oxide, thus it is beneficial for blood vessels.
• Has a positive effect in chronic venous insufficiency  and on blood circulation.
• When taken before eating, it reduces the absorption  of starches, thus reducing the glycemic index,  absorbed carbohydrate-  and calorie content of foods.
• Has a strong general anti-inflammatory effect.
• Increases the biodiversity of gut flora  (improves the gut flora)
• Has a strong antioxidant effect.
• Beautifies skin and reduces wrinkles.

BioPerine® Increases the absorption of many active ingredients, micro- and macronutrients.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to the regulations by the European Union also effective in Hungary, dietary supplements are food products, the purpose of which is to supplement conventional diet, and which contain nutrients or other substances - separately or in combination - with nutritional or physiological effect. According to the official statement, these products are not medications, have no healing effect, and are not suitable for treating or preventing diseases. GAL VitalSynergyTech Kft. respects the provisions of EszCsM Decree 37/2004 (IV. 26.) – which is a legal source for the aforementioned – as well as the requirements stipulated by the Hungarian Competition Authority. We hereby represent that our articles about the agents contained in our products have been assembled solely on the basis of the latest independent and relevant research, upon in-depth study of their interrelations, and serve the purpose of presenting them with the aim of providing information to our receptive and inquisitive Readers. These texts do not aim at boosting sales, and do not encourage for the purchase of our products. The only reason for our Customers to honor us with their recurring orders should be the fact that they have experienced the beneficial effects of GAL products. This is what we believe in, this is what we work for. 


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Product Properties

- Allergen-free
- Glutenfree
- Egg-free
- Soy allergen-free
- Dairy and lactose-free
- Free of sulfur dioxide
- Sugar-free
- GMO-free
- Vegetarian
- Vegan
- FSC paper material (CO31340)
- Packaging from carbon-neutral production
- 100% recyclable packaging

Green: The product has the described property
Red: The product does not have the described property

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