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GAL Glycine 500g
GAL Glycine 500g
GAL Glycine 500g
GAL Glycine 500g
GAL Glycine 500g
GAL Glycine 500g

GAL Glycine 500g

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3 681 Ft

GAL Glycine 500g

This ensures the glycine taken after a meal helps to balance the ratio of amino acids consumed with your food. It can
be mixed into coffee or any other liquid or can be baked into a cake. It has a pleasant, sweet taste without any aftertaste. (Direct undiluted consumption can feel almost unpleasantly sweet).

Recommended consumption: Dissolve 1 heaped teaspoon of the product in 100 or 200 ml lukewarm liquid (e.g. in water) and drink it slowly in sips. Alternatively take directly from the spoon. It is also recommended to consume a small amount (1 level teaspoon or coffee spoon) after meals if your meal lacked collagen type proteins.

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Question about the product
Scientific background
Product Properties
Gyakori kérdések
Scientific background

Glycine is an amino acid found in the largest amount in collagen proteins. Other protein sources contain only a small amount of it. Today we consume much less collagen proteins than our ancestors did, as food made of pig trotters, bone stock, aspic, tripe and such are not very popular. Therefore, the amino acid ratio in our protein intake has significantly altered. (For example, glycine is reduced compared to other amino acids.) This was not typical during our evolution, thus we might suspect that this has negative consequences. The beneficial effects of glycine supplementation also confirm this suspicion.

Optimal blood sugar levels

It reduces the blood sugar elevating effects of
glucose (and thus carbohydrates) remarkably. It improves the efficacy of insulin, though hardly increases the amount of it, and it also raises the level of the beneficial glucagon, the “counterpart” of insulin. It decreases high blood lipid levels observable in insulin resistance.


Our skin contains large amounts of collagen, thus
glycine. Collagen peptides reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, hydrate and rejuvenate – well-known and researched effects. The effects of collagen result mostly from its high glycine content. Collagen, glycine, vitamin C, grape skin and seed extracts and bioflavonoids can be a great combination when caring for the youth of our skin from within. Nervous system A small amount increases wakefulness and blood circulation in brain microcapillary vessels. Moreover, according to various research studies, it can be effective in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).


There are only animal studies on this issue, but based on these research studies it improves hepatic and renal function and promotes the production of glutathione, a strong detoxifying and antioxidant agent.


A number of research studies focused on the effect of glycine on sleep in humans. These concluded that consuming glycine before going to bed (3 grams in sucking pills) improves the quality of sleep, helps fall asleep faster, reduces the effects or early waking and makes us more rested even with less sleep. (Six hours of sleep with glycine resulted in a much better sleep than eight hours without it.)

Glycine is a great sweetener too!

It does not have any aftertaste, it is heat resistant and its sweetening
properties are similar to those of sugar. Unlike polyalcohols (e.g. xylitol, maltitol, erythrite), it does not cause digestion problems. It does not deceive our body, since there are no empty calories behind its sweet taste, as it is the case with most sweeteners, for glycine is a protein and our body treats it as such. (Sweet taste means a source of sugar and our body can actually produce sugar from glycine if necessary, thus it does not cause hypoglycemia.) Due to its restraining effect on blood sugar elevation, it is a great substance to sweeten cakes and other snacks – with high carbohydrate content – as it keeps their sudden blood sugar increasing effects at bay.


Decreased caloric intake in mice – with normal
supply of useful nutrients – increases their life span. Such effects were demonstrated in monkeys and partially in humans as well. (Life-long studies about calorie restriction in humans are obviously not possible due to ethical reasons, therefore the conclusions were drawn based on measurements of telomere length, for example.) An even longer life span (+40%) could be achieved in mice compared to calorie restriction by restricting the intake of an amino acid called methionine. Similar results were achieved later when the diet of mice was supplemented with glycine. This is because glycine limits the utilization of methionine from food and thus it balances the ratio of amino acids absorbed into the blood. This has not been studied in humans yet, but it is supposed to be similarly useful. As most foods contain lots of methionine, a low-methionine diet would be difficult to maintain in practice. However, consuming glycine after eating (e.g. desserts or drinks sweetened with glycine) imitated the effect of a diet with decreased methionine intake for longevity, as glycine limits the absorption of methionine.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to the regulations by the European Union also effective in Hungary, dietary supplements are food products, the purpose of which is to supplement conventional diet, and which contain nutrients or other substances - separately or in combination - with nutritional or physiological effect. According to the official statement, these products are not medications, have no healing effect, and are not suitable for treating or preventing diseases. GAL VitalSynergyTech Kft. respects the provisions of EszCsM Decree 37/2004 (IV. 26.) – which is a legal source for the aforementioned – as well as the requirements stipulated by the Hungarian Competition Authority. We hereby represent that our articles about the agents contained in our products have been assembled solely on the basis of the latest independent and relevant research, upon in-depth study of their interrelations, and serve the purpose of presenting them with the aim of providing information to our receptive and inquisitive Readers. These texts do not aim at boosting sales, and do not encourage for the purchase of our products. The only reason for our Customers to honor us with their recurring orders should be the fact that they have experienced the beneficial effects of GAL products. This is what we believe in, this is what we work for. 

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Product Properties

- Allergen-free
- Glutenfree
- Egg-free
- Soy allergen-free
- Dairy and lactose-free
- Free of sulfur dioxide
- Sugar-free
- GMO-free
- Vegetarian
- Vegan
- FSC paper material (CO31340)
- Packaging from carbon-neutral production
- 100% recyclable packaging

Green: The product has the described property
Red: The product does not have the described property

Gyakori kérdések
Milyen ellenjavallatai vannak a termék fogyasztásának?

A termék mindenki számára biztonsággal fogyasztható.

Hasmenést tapasztaltam a Glicin szedésekor.

Napi 13 grammnál nem javaslunk többet fogyasztani, mert ezen mennyiség felett laxatív hatása lehet.

Keverhetem a Glicint forró italba, süthetek vele?

Mellékíz mentes édes íze miatt ételek/italok édesítésére is alkalmas. Hőálló, így süteményekbe és forró italokba is alkalmazható. Édessége kb. a normál kristálycukoréval megegyező.

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