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GAL Lactoferrin plus
GAL Lactoferrin plus
GAL Lactoferrin plus

GAL Lactoferrin plus

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GAL Lactoferrin plus

Lactoferrin is the protein that makes foremilk (colostrum) so valuable. However, colostrum contains many unwanted growth factors (e.g. IGF-1), milk protein, lactose and hormones. However, GAL Lactoferrin plus is free from these substances (although it may contain traces of milk protein). It contains all three lactoferrins naturally present in colostrum, but mostly apo-lactoferrin, the most valuable from them. We have developed this product in cooperation with the professional team of Diet 4 Your Balance™.

Recommendations & Consumption: It completely dissolves in any liquid after about half a minute of stirring. Thus, we recommend its consumption as a drink. In the case of regular usage, take ~2-4 g per day (~1 or 2 teaspoons). In its use as a course of supplementation, take 3 x 4 g per day for 1 or 2 weeks. Caution! It may cause mild Diarrhoea if the dose is greater than 12 g. It should be administered in proportion to body weight for children, calculated by using 60 kg as the mean adult’s weight.

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Scientific background
Scientific background

Lactoferrin is the protein that makes first milk (colostrum) so valuable. Colostrum, however contains a lot of undesirable growth factors (e.g. IGF-1), milk protein, milk sugar and hormones, as well. The GAL Lactoferrin on the other hand is free of them (or it may contain some milk protein residue). It contains all three types of lactoferring naturally contained in colostrum, but mostly apo-lactoferring, which is the most valuable of them. We developed this product in cooperation with the professional team of Táplálkozás-Beállítás™ (Nutrition-Calibration).

Breast milk is a very special “invention” of the nature. It contains substances necessary for the development of intestinal flora, as well as improvement and boosted operation of the immune system, whereas it perfectly supplies macro- and micronutrients, as well. Water-soluble fibers contained in breast milk improve both the intestinal flora and the immune system; this beneficial effect is provided by another product of ours, the GAL Bimuno® flora fiber complex. There is, however, another very important ingredients contained in breast milk that has a strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and biofilm degradation effect, due to which features it also supports the intestinal flora, cooperating with the selective prebiotic fibers contained in the breast milk. This is lactoferrin. Especially large quantities of it are contained in the first milk (colostrum), (infants need the strongest protection, when they meet the outer world for the first time, and that’s when wrong bacteria must be prevented from settling down and proliferating in their tiny little digestive system). Depending on how much iron they contain, there are three types of lactoferrin. The so-called apo-lactoferrin containing the least (zero) iron has the strongest effect, but nonetheless the others are required, as well.

In our product we use milk extract with lactoferrin content of nearly 100 percent purity (this is important, because this way its milk protein and lactose content is nearly zero), in which - thanks to the delicate procedure - all three types of lactoferrin remain in their original form, with the dominance of the valuable apo-lactoferrin. We mixed it with glycine and a little micronized bamboo fiber, so we don’t have to swallow it in capsules, but to give it a peasant taste and drink it solved in any liquid. In addition to its numerous beneficial effects, glycine gives a pleasant, sweet flavor, neutralizing the natural sourness of lactoferrin.

While breast milk primarily helps the intestinal flora and is recommended for general daily use, as it improves the intestinal flora by the day for years, lactoferrin comes handy mainly in case of infections. Breast milk fiber is used in small doses for general, long-term use, whereas lactoferrin is recommended in large doses, as a cure, and only, when it is needed (it is of course also useful in small doses for general use, but it is a bit too expensive for daily consumption, and it may not worth it).

Approximately 25 percent of women suffer from iron-deficiency during pregnancy. Iron supplementation is harmful for the fetus, but also, when the mother is iron-deficient. Fortunately, it does not have to be dilemma whether the mother should take iron: she better should not, as there is a better, more efficient and safe way to eliminate iron deficiency! One of the most important effects of lactoferrin is that it prevents pathogenic bacteria and possibly other pathogens from absorbing iron they would require to function. Its antibacterial effect is mainly due to iron deprivation. So iron supplementation is often a bad idea, because in such cases also pathogens and harmful intestinal bacteria get access to more iron.

An intervention human analysis conducted in 2014 confirmed that even a smaller dose of lactoferrin would increase the iron level of the body much more efficiently, then iron intake itself. Furthermore, from mothers participating in the research, the value of the IL-6 parameter indicating inflammation was reduced for those taking lactoferrin, and increased for those taking iron. And most importantly: there was no abortion among mothers taking lactoferrin, whereas in case of mothers taking iron, 5 unfortunate events of abortion were recorded (156 mothers took lactoferrrin and 139 took iron).

So, based on the above, lactoferrin increases our iron level even without separately taking iron, and it protects from harmful impacts of iron.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to the regulations by the European Union also effective in Hungary, dietary supplements are food products, the purpose of which is to supplement conventional diet, and which contain nutrients or other substances - separately or in combination - with nutritional or physiological effect. According to the official statement, these products are not medications, have no healing effect, and are not suitable for treating or preventing diseases. GAL VitalSynergyTech Kft. respects the provisions of EszCsM Decree 37/2004 (IV. 26.) – which is a legal source for the aforementioned – as well as the requirements stipulated by the Hungarian Competition Authority. We hereby represent that our articles about the agents contained in our products have been assembled solely on the basis of the latest independent and relevant research, upon in-depth study of their interrelations, and serve the purpose of presenting them with the aim of providing information to our receptive and inquisitive Readers. These texts do not aim at boosting sales, and do not encourage for the purchase of our products. The only reason for our Customers to honor us with their recurring orders should be the fact that they have experienced the beneficial effects of GAL products. This is what we believe in, this is what we work for. 



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